The nature and adventure photographer Rafael Duarte goes on a journey across the city of Rio de Janeiro seeking exclusive angles through the perspectives of five characters that have special connections with the city’s natural and diverse landscapes. As he lives the characters’ routines by their side, his camera searches the elements that makes their relationship with the city’s environment so unique. The documentary explores the city of Rio through the eyes of a special mountaineer-engineer that devoted his life working at the world’s most famous cable-car, a young female highline athlete that is inspiring women to join the sport, an ultra-marathonist that came from a humble childhood to practice in the urban forests to become a champion, a biologist that protects the marine birds that nest on the city’s islands and a record-holder tandem flight pilot that invented the “yoga in the sky” technique to fight people’s fears. The film shows how their connection with the city’s nature impacts their lives and their ways to see the world.





2022 – Italia Green Film Festival (Italy) – Golden Leaf City Nature Award

2021 – Rocky Spirit (Brazil) – Best Documentary (Audience choice)

2021 – Rocky Spirit (Brazil) – Retina Award (Best Photography)

2021 – Freeman Film Festival (Brazil) – Best Documentary (Jury choice)

2021 – Infinity Film Festival (UK) – Best Feature Documentary

2021 – New York City Television & Film Festival (USA) – Best Short Documentary

2021 – New Age Cinemas & Scripts (India) – Best Direction of Photography


Official Selections

2022 – Rio Mountain Festival (Brazil)

2022 – Climate Space festival (Italy)

2022 – Visioni Verticali 2022 (Italy)

2022 – PLANETA.DOC (Brazil)

2022 – The NGO International Film Festival (Kenya)

2022 – Caxias Film Festival (Brazil)

2022 – Trails Film – Worlds Trails Network (USA/Greece)

2022 – Festival de Fotografia de Paranapiacaba – Audiovisual (Brazil)

2022 – Dolomiti Film Festival (Italy)

2022 – Hamilton New York International Film Festival (USA)

2022 – Tulum World Environment Film Festival (Mexico)

2022 – Travel Fest Albania 2022 (Albania)

2022 – Aizanoi Film Fest (Turkey)

2022 – International World Photography Awards (USA)

2022 – Beausoleil Côte d’Azur International FICTS Festival du Cinéma Sportif (France)

2022 – London Mountain Film Festival (England)

2022 – The Adventure Travel Film Festival (England + Scotland + Australia)

2022 – Amazonia del Plata Festival de Cine (Argentina)

2021 – Mountainfilm International Film Festival Graz (Austria)

2021 – Torelló Montain Film Festival (Spain)

2021 – International Mountain Film Festival of Poprad (Slovakia)

2021 – New Creators Awards (USA)

2021 – NatureTrack Film Festival (USA)

2021 – Sportfilm Liberec (Czech Republic)

2021 – PIPA FILM FESTIVAL Surf & Outdoors (USA)

2021 – Golden Bridge Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey)

2021 – Kalakari Film Festival (India)

2021 – Cambotas Film Festival (Brazil)