EP#1 - Chico

Synopsis: Ultramarathon runner Chico Santos, a native of Ceará who arrived in Rio as a teenager in search of building a professional career in the city, discovers a vocation in running through the city’s forests and becomes an exponent of the sport.

EP#2 - Erika

Synopsis: Erika Sedlacek de Almeida is a highline athlete who dreamed of running away with the circus, but finds herself in the sport that allows her to perform body maneuvers at heights, where she is totally immersed in nature, travel the world, and inspire her community.

EP#3 - Pellé

Synopsis: Mountaineer and engineer Giuseppe Pellegrini, aka Pellé, is the oldest employee of the Bondinho Pão de Açúcar. He tells how he joined the company that houses the most famous cable car in the world because of his climbing skills, where he has worked for almost six decades and has climbed Sugarloaf Mountain more than 3,500 times.

EP#4 - Larissa

Synopsis: Larissa Cunha, an ornithologist biologist, fights for the conservation of the atobah and frigatebird nests in the Cagarras Islands Natural Monument.

EP#5 - Ruy

Synopsis: Ruy Marra, pilot and double free-flight record holder and neuroscience researcher, invents the Yoga in the Sky technique to help people lose their fear of heights with exciting, immersive experiences at 500m altitude.

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